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Member Social Reminder

This Saturday marks the date of our first Member-Social. Free to all members, Socials are designed to be an opportunity to meet your fellow members and enjoy a lighthearted 9 holes of golf and a delicious dinner. The golf begins with a 4:30PM shotgun and believe me- the format will be fun; I encourage everyone to participate! Dinner will be served at 6:45PM and guests are welcomed for only $20.

Please call the golf shop today to sign up! 802.760.4652
Mens League Reminder

The mens league begins June 9th. The fee to participate is only $50 for the season. Players Sign up by 1:00 each Thursday with the golf shop by calling 760.4652. Groups and tee-times will be posted by 4:00 and tee-times will start at 5:00. The Pub will offer a men's league special each week is sure to please.

Week 1: 2 man BB
Week 2: Chapman (both players hit a tee-shot…..then they hit each others tee-ball….then they choose one and play alternate-shot until holed)
Week 3: 2 man BB (all scores…