July 22 Member Newsletter

Current Event Recap

Last weekend saw terrific weather for the Member-Guest. 74 players battled it out over the course of two days and in the end it was the team of Bill Meckert & Dave Slayton who took home the title as Stowe Cup Champions and winners of the Goat Flight. Bill was intelligent enough to ask Dave to play once Dave had decided he was too busy to join this year and since there is no person who has played more competitive rounds, and at such a high level than Dave Slayton, he made the right choice. On the qualifying day they shot a best ball 66 setting the tone and a two shot lead over Andrew Twitchell and his guest Kyle Kirch (Kyle & Dave Slayton won the Kirkwood about a month ago). In the second round they shot a two under par 70 to comfortably win by eight strokes. Second place went to the team of Sal Vespa and Todd Lagrow on a matching of cards over Andrew Twitchell and Kirch at 144; Art Ciullo and Mark Poduje finished in third with 145 followed by Bill Diemar and Tom Mireault at 147, Greg Gramas and Rich Sullivan at 148 and Tom Burgess and brother Charlie, Brent Libby and Bill Kelk, & Tad Horner and Jamie Barre all at 152

The National Flight was the most hotly contested flight with only four strokes separating the eight teams. Saturday's leaders were John Ditoro and guest Dean Parker who shot a best ball 75, followed by Scot Baraw and guest Chris Austin, Paul Thabault and guest Chet Thabault, and Larry Miller and guest Don Hunt all at 76; Bill Schaaf and his wife Stacey along with Tom Burgess and gust Chris Sauders at 77; Ralph Heath and guest Pall Spera at 78; and Tom McNair and guest Bill Cecil at 79. Following Sundays final the closely contested flight ended up going to the team of Scot Baraw and Chris Austin who capped off the weekend with an even par 72 taking the honors.

The Starr Flight ended up going to the duo of Ed Stahl and Bob Hatcher with a two day total of 154 followed by Tyler Mumley and Kevin Brzys at 156. Three teams finished at 157- George Gunn and Terry Smith, John Clark and Bob Wannamaker, & Clyde Burdick and Andy Vallance. The teams Lynn and Chris Altadonna with guests Jerome Keating & Michael Gandy finished at 162 and 164 respectively; with Walt Towslee and Steve Chambers rounding out the flight with a 165. I'd like to specifically thank Walt for selecting the pin positions for this weekend’s event. He certainly found some interesting spots out there and from all accounts everyone enjoyed the challenge.

The Liftline Flight was won by the team of Ben Frank and guest Harvey Blatt with 170 followed by Scott Fine and Howard Goldstein at 175, Bill Pope and John Hermos at 176, Jim Roberts and Bob Ehrlacher at 178, Earle Williams and Toby Chamberlain at 182, Hall Stevens and Manelick DelaParra at 196, Bernie Stotland and Gerry Guttman at 197, and finally Merle Stotland and Charlotte Guttman at 203.

I have to mention the wonderful player's gift that participants in the Stowe Cup received. As many of you know our own Lynn Altadonna has been working on a side project and finally got all of his research on the history of The Stowe Country Club put together into a published book. It is a wonderful testament to our club as well as a great individual who has certainly done a terrific service to all of us here at SCC. Also, I have to thank you for all playing, we are looking forward to changing the event for 2011 to a match play format where each team will play a 9 hole match against all of the teams in their flight. This is a popular member-guest format and something that will keep teams more competitive.
TBII Fireworks

The third round of the TBII Cup was played this week and there were surely some fireworks. All of the teams performed admirably given the format; the four person teams had to count 1 best ball on the 5 par fives, 2 best balls on the 8 par fours, and 3 best balls on the 5 par threes. That's not easy feat. One bad hole can send your score tumbling. The top honor goes to the team of Dan Lehmann which shot a 17 under net 55, followed by Dustin Ribolini's team score of 16 under net 56, Josh Nicholls' team score of 15 under net 57, Dan Ruane's & Scott Rossi's team scores were both 12 under net 60.

The highlight of the event had to go to our assistant professional and newly accreditted PGA Class A Member, Dustin Ribolini who shot a career best 62. That's the lowest individual competitive score ever shot at SCC from all accounts; but, since the TBII Cup is played from the middle tee it doesn't qualify for the official course record.

Pre Nup Cup

Our Couples "Pre Nup Cup" is scheduled for next Friday, 7/29 with tee times beginning at 4:30 PM. For any of you thinking "what are they thinking?” I have to preface my comments with some serious tongue-in-cheek disclaimers. This event is often referred to as a "Divorce Open" at other clubs and traditionally husbands and wives play together in a competitive format that some creative sadist thought would be fun. I like to think our couple members are more cultured than most and therefore certain to have gone through the due diligence of having prenuptial agreements drawn up; in fact, I have to think that many of you keep a copy of yours in your golf bag at all times.

Unfortunately I can't speak from experience since every time I've tried to introduce my wife of 15 years to the game of golf someone ends up at Copley, but we've put our own spin on this event and really come up with something I hope will be memorable. Those couples (no you don't really have to be married or even romantically involved) interested should call the golf shop to sign up. We will have counseling sessions and divorce lawyers on hand....You have been warned.