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"The Staff Revenge Tournament"

The staff of The Stowe Country Club would cordially like to invite you to our inaugural season ending event. The course will be set up a little different than your typical day. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Format: 4 person Shamble (Gross & Net)
(Play your own ball in from the position of the best drive of the team)

Friday, October 10

You can make your own team and set up your own tee time, or sign up solo with a preferred time you'd like to play and we'll pair you up if possible.

Open to Members and Guests; $10 Members, $50 Guest

Call the shop to sign up...

It's simple, it's free and it's guaranteed to be 70' and dry.  From now until the end of October you can take a golf lesson in one of our two winter golf studios.  You'll get a little better now and learn how you can truly improve your game over those cold winter months.

To sign up for your FREE lesson stop in the shop or give Dan Lehmann a call at 760-4652.

Greens Update

Ask any golfer and I’d be willing to bet that they would say the putting greens are the most important part of any golf course. It’s not surprising given that the greens involve, on average, two thirds of all golf shots during a round. Hang around the pub following any competitive rounds and they generate most of the comments made by golfers (good and bag). The agronomic needs of the putting green turf and the demands of the contemporary golfer pose many challenges to maintaining golf greens. Providing a balance between these needs is the cornerstone skill for al…