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Season Wrap Up

Did the season go by fast or what?

I can’t believe it's already well into November. Scott and his crew have finished putting the course to bed. I heard rumors of a few brave souls poaching a few holes, but what do you expect in a ski town? I'll admit that there have been a few decent days, but for the most part the weather hasn't been conducive for much golf.

Every fall people ask me; "So, how was the season?" and I've been struggling to come up with an answer. I think I’m going with “It was a great 8 weeks.”

May & June were the wettest on record; we could only let out carts 3 wet stretch lasting 12 straight days! As the Kirkwood approached Scott and his crew worked feverishly to get the course in shape and things were beginning to come around when - wouldn't you know rained all four days of the tournament…ahh, Spring in northern New England. July and August were really beautiful, but the course had suffe…