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2012 Smugg's Jug Pairings

10:30 AM Lynn Altadonna Chris Altadonna George Gunn Tony Sedutto 10:40 AM Jeff Brynn Paul Morris Paul Thabault Richard Mahoney 10:50 AM Christine Lengvari Bert Peterson John Tewhill Mark Leipert 11:00 AM

It was a great weekend at the club for our annual Club Championship. The most noticeable difference from last year's event was the 180 degree change in terms of weather. Last year the event was reduced to 18 holes because of the never ending rains and this year I threatened to cancel Sunday's play because...well, it was just too nice out. Congrats to all of the winners below!

2012 Club Championships
Men's Championship Individual Stroke Play

1      Mark Sherwin           73-76--149 2      Tyler Mumley           77-77--154 3      Greg Gramas            77-77--154 4