The End of a Great Season

The Stowe Country Club is closed for the season.

But Boy, what a summer it was. This one will go down in the books as one of the best summers in recent memory. From mid June to mid September we had 86 days with no rain to speak of; it made for some great golfing. The course was in great shape given the lack of irrigation, you see our pond on #9 is our sole means of irrigation and it is entirely dependant on mother nature...meaning we only had enough water to irrigate greens and tees so the fairways took the brunt. I don't think people we complaining too much as their ball bounded an extra 30-40 yards farther than normal. I think Scott and his crew did a great job given the circumstances and the course played great.

As we put things to bed here and get ready for the long winter, I'd like to remind you about Dan Lehmann's Winter Golf Program. If you really want to get better then there is no better way to improve your game than working on your bad habits over the off-season. Think of it this way...let's say you take a lesson in the summer and the changes you need to impart in order to improve your just aren't clicking. What do you think happens in most cases when you take that new swing to the golf course?...that's right, you go back to your old habits because you need to keep score. You don't want your handicap to go up simply because your trying to change your grip...right? But in the winter you can't take your new swing to the course, there is no score to worry about. Believe me when I tell you you will lower your average score 20-30% or more! Give Dan a call at 802.760.4655 or email

You'll hear more from us over the course of the winter, but from all of us here at SCC thank you for your continued support and have a great ski season.

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