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November Update - Winter Golf


Lowering a golfer's handicap is every player's wish.  Even if they don't keep a handicap or claim to only play for fun, everyone loves shooting lower scores and hitting GREAT shots. Here's a few things you can do THIS WINTER to make that happen!

Stay in touch with your clubs with periodic practice sessions. Improve your own personal swing by taking some instruction. Create a personal stretching program or go all out and add a golf fitness routine to your workouts. Or go the Fred Couples approach and sit on the couch thinking about hitting great shots.  Unfortunately this last method has been somewhat unreliable. Now where can you find such opportunities. Right here in Stowe.  The Vermont Golf Academy Winter Golf Program is gearing up and is a great way to stay in touch with your swing all winter and start lower your scores come spring.

This isn't bashing balls into a net. This is an advanced PGA instruction program designed …