Spring Thaw Draw & Registering for Events

The first member event of the season, the annual "Spring Thaw Draw" is scheduled for next Saturday. The 9:00am shotgun event is an ABC blind draw format. You play in groups of your own choosing and at the end we divide the field into three divisions based your handicaps and then we pull "A', "B", & "C" players. If you do not have a group to play with let us know and we will pair you up.

This is also a good time to remind people about registering for events online. We use Eventnet for registering online.

Click HERE to go to the event registration website. We will be sending out reminders, but it is a good idea to save that page in your favorites.

Returning members do not need to re-register, but if you forgot your password simply click on the "I forgot my password" link and follow the directions.

Sign in:
User name:  FIRST INTIAL LAST NAME (example Dlehmann)
Password: stowe13

This will take to a welcome screen where you can change your password and update your personal information. Please take a few seconds to fill in each field; it will help us with possible prizes in the future. Once you are done click on the "Save Changes" button.

Now that you're in you will see a list of tournaments that are currently open for registration. You can click on the name of the event to register. For event details like starting times, format, or other information click on the [Details] next to each event or in the top right of each event's page.

We are currently uploading all of the events for the season, so if you do not see an event on the list yet it will be there soon. 

As our membership grows our events get more and more popular and we struggle with giving accurate counts to the restaurant for the food. It was not uncommon for a member social to double in size the day before the event and while we do not want to discourage participation, it's critical to putting on a successful event. Event deadlines are 4 days before the event.

To register for an event click on the event name

For Member-Member events, choose your partner(s) from the drop down menu or in the case of Member-Guests, you will type in the name of guests.  Your partners do not need to register separately; In fact, once you or they have registered both names are removed from the list.

There will be a "Notes/ Pairing Request:" field for requesting tee times, pairing, etc. and while we cannot guarantee all requests are fulfilled, we will do everything to meet requests.

To see who has registered for a particular event click on "View" to the far right of the event

You will see all the the events you have registered at the bottom of the EVENTS PAGE. To remove your name from an event click on the name of the event and click REMOVE.

You can update your profile at anytime at  the bottom of the EVENTS PAGE click on “[Update My User Profile]”.

That's it, you're an Event-Net master.

Go ahead and register for the first member Event of the season “The Spring Thaw Draw” on May, 18th

Dan Lehmann
PGA Head Professional
Stowe Country Club

Stowe Mountain Resort
5781 Mountain Road
Stowe, VT 05672
802.760.4655/Fax: 802.253.6358

What are those Green Tees?

You may have already noticed a new set of green tee markers on the course. One of the initiatives of both the USGA and the PGA is "Tee it Forward"; a program designed to make golf more fun. The green tees will reside between the white and the red tees and they'll help promote tee it forward by making the more difficult handicap holes play to a length where your approach to the green better fits your game.
Do you wish your approach shot to the green was just a bit easier? Would you rather hit an iron into the green vs. a fairway wood or hybrid? If you want to play faster and have more fun, go ahead and move up a set of tees!
When you TEE IT FORWARD, you hit more lofted irons into greens, putt for birdies and pars more often and play faster and score better!
Many amateurs are regularly hitting approach shots on a par-4 hole from 185 to 205 yards. The fact is, most bogey golfers only hit approach shots generally with any accuracy from within 170 yards. When you TEE IT FORWARD, you have the potential to hit approach shots from 145 to 165 yards.
If you currently play from the forward-most tee area, consider playing from the 200-yard marker or family course tees (if offered at your facility). The goal is for golfers to hit more lofted irons into greens and have more fun!
Driver Distance
Recommended 18-Hole Yardages
Best SCC Tee for You
Green or Red
Red or Family Gold
Family Gold
Family Blue

Join your friends and enjoy a new, positive experience on the golf course - move up a set of tees and TEE IT FORWARD!Since its introduction in 2011, thousands of golfers have participated in TEE IT FORWARD at hundreds of facilities around the country. And the feedback from golfers has been overwhelmingly positive. A 2012 survey of TEE IT FORWARD participants found that:
  • 56 percent played faster
  • 56 percent are likely to play golf more often
  • 83 percent hit more-lofted clubs into greens
  • 85 percent had more fun
  • 93 percent will TEE IT FORWARD again
Posting a Score From an Unrated Set of Tees

Q.  How do I post a score from an unrated set of tees on a rated golf course?

A.  Example:  A woman plays from the middle tees, which are not rated for women. The USGA Course Rating™ from the forward tees is 71.6 with a Slope Rating® of 119. The middle tees are 396 yards longer than the forward tees. Using the chart in Section 5-2g of "The USGA Handicap System," she will post her score with a USGA Course Rating of 73.8 (71.6 + 2.2) and a Slope Rating of 124 (119 + 5). Note: The resulting values are subtracted if the unrated tees are shorter than the rated tees.
Section 5-2g may also be used if a player plays a combination of tees. First determine the total yardage of the combination tees, then apply the above procedure.