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June Happenings

Match Play Pairings
The Match Play Championships begin Monday.

Round 1 ends 7/6
Round 2 ends 7/22
Round 3 ends 8/10
Final Rounds ends 8/22

33-3. Times of Starting and Groups The Committee must establish the times of starting and, in stroke play, arrange the groups in which competitors must play. When a match play competition is played over an extended period, the Committee establishes the limit of time within which each round must be completed. When players are allowed to arrange the date of their match within these limits, the Committee should announce that the match must be played at a stated time on the last day of the period, unless the players agree to a prior date. If the match cannot be scheduled, one of the players needs to be at SCC for a 5PM tee time on the day the round ends, if their opponent does not show they are declared the winner. If neither player is available then neither player will advance.

Matches that are tied after completing 18 holes should immediately …