Club Operations

Among the topics discussed during the first SGA Board meeting was how to best communicate with members and patrons.
The result was the development of a new Communications Plan that not only highlights the “who, what, where, when & why” questions, but also examines our key messages and the strategies to help us meet our objectives.
The main objective is member satisfaction through increased engagement. With increased engagement comes enhanced awareness; when our members are more aware, we expect elevated participation in club events and greater overall satisfaction.
The list below includes both online resources and materials you can expect to find there. I suggest you bookmark the links for easy reference.

Description is your main resource for information on our products and pricing; including green fees, golf instruction, outings, packages, and all things happening at the resort.

The Event Net Website is the place where you register to participate in almost all of our events. We’ve reset all of the passwords. Once you log in using the info below you can update your profile to a password of your choosing.
User Name is your first initial and last name: JBlow
We’ve reset all of your  passwords to: Stowe15
The SCC Blog is the website where you can find past editions of the member newsletter as well as the Calendar, Event Results, the list of SGA Officers and the bylaws, and finally an abridged version of the club’s History.
Kevin Komer, Head of Golf Maintenance at Stowe Mountain Resort, has a terrific blog that you will enjoy.
With over a billion active users, I think this Facebook fad might be here to stay. “Like” Stowe Country Club and you’ll see all of our social media posts; including smiling pictures of Polly Manosh, the undisputed queen of Facebook.
Event Fact Sheets: We’ve created Event Fact Sheet for every event and will be uploading them all to the web. The front of the form details the specifics like date, event description, format, etc.
The reverse side is an After Action Analysis; a place where you can give us feedback on the events. These will be uploaded to the Blog