Clinics & Lessons & Swing Fixes…oh my!

Clinics are starting this week and are held every Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30 as well as Saturday at 9:30.
The cost is $45 and members receive their 20% discount reducing it to $36. Spring is a great time to get a
 golf professionals help before your bad habits sink in.

If your game is in need of more assistance then the Season Long Performance Program might be for you. This program is designed to focus on long-term improvement and includes 4 hours of private lessons and 40 practice sessions which are held twice a week. Hourly lessons are also available.

Our newest toy, a Game Changer Launch Monitor, has arrived and we are excited to see it put to some use. What exactly does a Launch Monitor do and how can it help you? HERE is a great article about the benefits of the Game Changer.

“Golf Digest studied how 150 average golfers hit their drivers. We measured swing speeds from 60 miles per hour to 130, and handicaps from 0 to 36. For the test, we used a Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor that measured swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate and distance. We also asked dozens of America's 100 Best Clubfitters to share similar launch data from their customers. What we found is that the average golfer launches the ball too low, generates too much backspin and doesn't make solid contact with the center of the face. Specifically, we're not hitting it as far as we should given our respective swing speeds. Nine out of 10 golfers in our test hit the ball short of what we estimate their potential to be. What's a good estimate for your driving-distance potential? If you're not hitting it 2.5 to 2.7 times your clubhead speed, you need a better-fitting driver, a lesson, or both

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