Maintenance – Course Update

As May has come to a close, it is a good time to review the condition of the golf courses and discuss the projects that have occurred. The variability of the Vermont spring is always a challenge for golf course maintenance. While planning operations is essential, it is even more important to react quickly to unexpected challenges. 

The biggest challenge this spring has been the dry weather. While recent rains have helped, early spring rain did not occur. The successful startup and operation of  both irrigation systems was of extreme importance. As the turf completes its winter dormancy and begins to grow, the need for water is crucial to initiate growth. While it might be hard to believe, early irrigation in May is crucial for positive turf growth. Turf is grown in sand based systems that can lose moisture quickly. In addition, the closely mown turf is very susceptible to moisture loss. Compounding the challenge of irrigating in a dry spring, a deep frost layer caused an above average number of breaks in the irrigation system piping. The turf care teams have been hustling to repair these breaks so that irrigation can continue. To Continue Reading Click HERE.