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Maintenance - Stowe Country Club Update

The weather was once again the biggest challenge over the past month. The month of June brought over ten inches of rain to Stowe Country Club. In May, we battled the extreme lack of rain and now June was the complete opposite with record setting rain totals. This "new normal" of extreme weather patterns is reality and how we prepare to overcome these challenges is the difference between success and failure. The heavy rains were a good test for the new fairway and bunker drainage. These new drainage projects performed very good and we will continue to address other wet areas by installing more drainage.

Kirkwood week was a challenge due to the rain. The days leading up to the event brought significant rainfall. The crew spent all day Wednesday before the tournament squeegeeing water off greens. Our sixth and final round of pushing water came as the sun went down. These efforts allowed for firmer greens for the first three days of the event. While Sunday ended i…

Golf Instruction with Ron Philo Jr

Let’s face it, golf is a hard game and it takes some commitment to improve and most people practice poorly…if at all. Setting aside time to practice is often put off for the chance to play 9 holes with your friends or because life’s challenges get in the way. 
Our advice is to practice smarter. 
We’ve designed the Season Long Golf Performance Program to do just that. The program includes 4 hour long lessons as well as 30 practice sessions to keep you on track. If that program doesn’t work for you, it is still important that you have some guidance and to set some goals and any of our PGA professional can give you advice on not just what to practice, but how to practice when your are on your own. 
If this level of commitment is more than you are able to make, focus your efforts on putting.PuttingFocus on a posture that has you bending from the hips (vs. rounding your back – see photo opposite) and getting your hands and arms hanging from shoulders.This provides for an arm swing that is …

Rules of Golf by Barry Rhodes

Did you know there is a “Get out of Jail” option in the Rules of Golf?
Rule 27-1a;
At any time, a player may, under penalty of one stroke, play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5), i.e., proceed under penalty of stroke and distance.

Except as otherwise provided in the Rules, if a player makes a stroke at a ball from the spot at which the original ball was last played, he is deemed to have proceeded under penalty of stroke and distance.  These are some Get out of Jail Examples:
1. A player’s ball embeds in sand under the lip of a bunker.  They do not have to hope for a miracle or take a penalty drop in the bunker, they may return to where they last played from, under penalty of stroke and distance.
2. A player strikes their ball from a bunker across the green into deep water in a water hazard. Instead of dropping a ball on the far side of the water hazard to the putting green they may rake the bunker and drop a ball in it, at t…

Kirkwood’s Pub Specials

Announcing our New Daily Specials $13 Daily Pairings 11am-3pm
Carl Huber, former Owner/Chef at Tanglewoods, has brought his culinary skills and creativity to Kirkwood’s Pub. We invite you to come experience our new menu! 
Greens & Grapes Monday Chef’s salad of the day and a glass of Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio
Taco & Tin Can Tuesday Three tacos of the day and a PBR pounder
Buttermilk Fried Wednesday Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Biscuit and a pint of Otter Creek Over Easy
Burger & Blue Thursday Cheese burger, fries and a pint of Labatt’s Blue Light
Switchback Squared Fish Taco Friday Three Switchback fried fish tacos and a pint of Switchback Ale
Fresh Pressed Saturday Panini pressed Reuben or Rachel sandwich and a pint of Woodchuck Gumption Cider
Wings & The Wind Sunday Six Buffalo chicken wings, fries and a pint of Lost Nation’s The Wind