Golf Instruction with Ron Philo Jr

Let’s face it, golf is a hard game and it takes some commitment to improve and most people practice poorly…if at all. Setting aside time to practice is often put off for the chance to play 9 holes with your friends or because life’s challenges get in the way. 

Our advice is to practice smarter. 

We’ve designed the Season Long Golf Performance Program to do just that. The program includes 4 hour long lessons as well as 30 practice sessions to keep you on track. If that program doesn’t work for you, it is still important that you have some guidance and to set some goals and any of our PGA professional can give you advice on not just what to practice, but how to practice when your are on your own. 

If this level of commitment is more than you are able to make, focus your efforts on putting.  Putting  Focus on a posture that has you bending from the hips (vs. rounding your back – see photo opposite) and getting your hands and arms hanging from shoulders.  This provides for an arm swing that is straighter back and through and less rounded.  It also allows your shoulders to rotate around your spine (vs. work up and down towards your ears).   While you’re working on your posture, remember to pay attention to your putter’s posture.  Make sure the putter is standing tall enough to be in-line with or an extension of your forearms (see image of Brandt Snedecker and how the line on his putter goes through his left elbow).  This ensures the putter swings on the same path as your arms swing.  Focusing on these two postures will help your create more consistent strokes and a more consistent roll of your ball on the ever improving Stowe Country Club and Stowe Mountain Club greens is the simplest of the golf skill disciplines and has the least amount of physical demands.