From the Fringe

Maintenance Update

Members repeatedly inquire as to how best to repair ball marks left on our greens, when and how to replace or re-fill divots and how best to care for our bunkers. In order to educate and remind Members of the best practices in caring for our Courses, we have provided three 2-minute videos courtesy of the USGA.

Please take a few minutes to review each video. Make every effort to leave our bunkers in as good shape, if not better, upon exiting; use your best judgment when replacing or re-filling divots in our fairways or on our tee decks and be diligent in seeking-out and repairing ball marks (yours and others) left on our greens.
Please note: Aerification at Stowe Country Club will take place on Monday August 31st and Tuesday September 1st. the course will be re-opening for play Wednesday. During this period Stowe Country Club Members may access the Stowe Mountain Club with no additional charge. Call 760-4604 to inquire about availability.

*Aerification is a process where organic material that has been building up throughout the season is removed from the greens by pulling small “plugs” of turf and soil from the greens.  Doing so allows water, and the nutrients it carries, to penetrate deeper into the soil profile.  Performing this activity promotes deeper root growth by the turf grass which allows it to better withstand the stress of regular maintenance and the vagaries of our mountain micro-climate.  Thank you for your understand and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this necessary maintenance activity.