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September Arrives


2016 Memberships

The exclusive Stowe Mountain Memberships continues to grow at a record pace. Over 50 families have joined SMC since this time last year and as the club prepares to open the new Alpine Club at the base of Spruce Peak, now is the time to take advantage of all the Club has to offer. The new building will feature under-ground parking, private dining, Luxury lockers, year round access to dining, 36 holes of golf, member dining, spa, fitness, pool and healing lodge. For more information contact Membership Director, Bridget Kennedy.

A high-tide raises all ships and the success of Stowe Mountain Club has certainly had a positive effect on its sister course down the road; mostly due to the watchful care of Kevin Komer and Mark Finch, who have greatly improved the course conditions. The improvements are not done, there are more plans in the works including additional drainage, tee leveling, additional bunkering, and paths.

Stowe Country Club Memberships Experience the convenience, camaraderie, and…

2015 Stowe Country Club Crowns Champions


Labor Day Sale

Rules of Golf

Three fundamental principles form the foundation of the rules of golf:
Play the ball you hit from the tee all the way into the hole Play that ball as it liesPlay the course in the condition you find it Almost all the rules deal with situations where a player is unable to play the ball he or she started with into the hole. The job of the rules is to provide a method of play and scoring when you are not able to accomplish one of the top 3.

A few examples:
I lost the ball I hit from the tee in a Water Hazard – proceed under rule 26, Water Hazards. I hit the ball I started with Out of Bounds – proceed under rule 27, Ball Lost or Out of Bounds, Provisional Ball I hit the ball I started with under a tree and I can’t get my club on it – proceed under rule 28, Ball Unplayable I accidentally moved the ball I was playing – proceed under rule 18 – Ball at Rest Moved I hit my ball into a puddle left by last night’s rain – do I have to hit it out? – no, proceed under rule 25, Abnormal Ground Condi…