New & Improved Golf Performance Program

Lower scores on opening day! The Golf Performance Program (GPP) was developed to increase your enjoyment of the game by providing access to professional instruction to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your practice time.

Golf is a unique sport. No two golf courses are the same, no two golf swings are the same; however, the underlying principles of effective golf swings are universal.  Students who work to conceptualize and apply these principles improve their swing.

The GPP offers personalized services and instruction for all skill levels and ages.  Our team of PGA Professionals is trained on a multitude of tools to help you analyze your swing; such as video analysis, HD simulation, equipment fitting, customized fitness training, kinesthetic awareness, motion capture analysis, and game management.
Winter GPP - $475    Includes 4 hours of private instruction & practice time on the new Foresight CG2 simulator.
Summer GPP - $950 Includes 4 hours of private instruction & weekly ‘practice club.’
Register for both Programs and receive a complimentary 9 hole playing lesson.
Standard lessons rates are also available, as well as a $35 per person, per hour simulator fee by appointment. Get foursome together for some hi-def virtual fun.

We have added the FSx Simulation package to the Foresight Game Changer Launch Monitor and purchased a new Hi-Def projector for the indoor studio at Stowe CC.

The Foresight GC2 is a compact, portable, stereoscopic, self-leveling, smart camera system that accurately measures all ball launch parameters at impact – velocity, vertical launch angle, azimuth, back-spin, side-spin and total spin. All values captured by the GC2, are displayed on its onboard easy to read LCD. With a rechargeable battery life of more than 8 hours and its own light source, the GC2 has unparalleled accuracy inside, outside, on grass or artificial turf.

Foresight Sports' FSX Fit Module lets you analyze shot shape, compare club performance and perform comprehensive gap testing and analysis, while our Driving Range Mode, included in every package, provides perfect visualization of performance every time.

To view the indoor studio availability, click on the link below:

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To schedule Practice Time call the concierge desk at 802.760.4604.

To schedule a lesson contact your preferred instructor directly.

Texting is the preferred method of contact.
Golf Professional Email Mobile
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Ron Philo Jr.
Stowe Mountain Resort Director of Golf & Club Operations