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"A Note from the SGA"

The 2016 golf season is off to a great start, and we have never seen the course in better shape. The SGA Board members have also been busy this year and planning for more in the coming weeks and months. In line with our commitment to Stowe Junior Golf, we have already raised significant funds this year to help the program. This includes over a hundred dollars raised through the "Mobley League" on Saturday and Sunday mornings (a HUGE thank-you goes to Mark Plummer for all his efforts), as well as over $300 raised by selling "mulligans" at the Memorial Day Tournament (another HUGE thank-you to Sue Horton and the other SCC Professionals for leading this campaign). These funds went in part to purchase new golf clubs for the junior program. The SCC continues to run and manage multiple programs for our future golfers, so the SGA Board will continue to support them. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any ideas for contribution, promotion, or involvem…

Thank you SCC Members!

We are excited for the heart of the season to get underway. We had a very nice May with unseasonably warm stretches, as well as some unseasonably cold patches, and as the saying goes – if you don’t like the weather in Vermont, wait 5 minutes. Despite the temperature fluctuations, we have had very little of the dreaded ‘R’ word and that has helped our talented maintenance staff get the course in mid-season shape.

One thing is guaranteed, soon schools will be out and the town will be full of visitors who come to Stowe to enjoy the area and all it offers. We have a busy season of events & programs planned for you, but first, let’s look at some results from the spring:

Memorial Day Scramble

We had a record turnout for our Memorial Day Scramble with 85 golfers participating. It was a gorgeous day to be on the links and the course was in top form. This no pressure event is a great opportunity to shake the rust off your golf game after the long winter. The shot-gun start began at 9:00…

Golf Channel Academy Comes To Stowe Mountain Resort

Stowe Mountain Resort’s Ron Philo added to Exclusive List of Regional Golf Academies Backed by the Golf Channel
A hands-on extension of Golf Channel’s Golf Channel Academy primetime instruction programming is coming to Stowe. Golf Channel Academy offers golfers the opportunity to receive personalized instruction from some of the game’s finest coaches. The primary mission of Golf Channel Academy is to make it easier for avid amateur golfers to experience the benefits of high-quality instruction. Each of Golf Channel Academy location’s teaching philosophy will be based on that coach’s proven methods that elevated him or her to the top of the golf teaching profession. 
WHAT IS GOLF CHANNEL ACADEMY? Golf Channel Academy is a network of carefully selected, top-tier golf coaches across the US supported by Golf Channel, the leader in golf entertainment, news and instruction. Each coach has been carefully selected and vetted to be considered the best of the best. Golfers enrolled at Golf Chann…

Event Net

Event Net is up and running and for those of you who have used it in the past, your log in is the same as last year. If you need help, you can use the password recovery feature. For new members, we will add you; your username is your first initial and last name and your password will be ‘Stow16’. Once in the system, you can then change your password to whatever you’d prefer.

We are begging to load the events into Event Net. There is a [Details] link where you can get specific information about the event.

To register, click on the name of the event and click the [Register] button. Please use the [Notes] field to include any special requests like preferred starting times, pairing requests, or questions for us to answer.
When you first arrive at the event-net page you will need to log in. Your user name will be your first initial and last name: JBlow and your password will be the same as last year. New users password will be ‘stowe16’; it is a good idea to change your password once you succ…

Practice Facility FAQs

The Practice Facility Hours of Operation:Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun7:00AM – 7:00PMWed7:00AM – 5:00PMThurs10:00AM – 7:00PM
The Practice facility closes Wednesday evenings at 5:00PM and reopens Thursday at 10:00AM. This is so we pick up every golf ball so that the maintenance crew can mow the field. The short game areas including the pitching green and bunker areas are available during this time. These hours may be adjusted due to weather or maintenance.The upper practice tee is now available, Stowe Country Club members should use the ball dispenser to get all practice balls. Members may have their fobs activated in the golf shop to ease this process. Additional fobs are on order. Please refrain from driving up and down Sinclair Road with golf carts. The preferred practice is to cross the road at the lower parking area to get to the practice facility. Please do not park golf carts on the grass on the upper practice facility, around the clubhouse, or on the closely mown areas of the lower p…

Wedge Facts

All grooves wear out over time. Vokey recommends replacing your wedges every 60-70 rounds, more often if you practice frequently out of bunkers.

The TX4 groove, found on the SM6 Spin Milled wedges is our most durable groove to date, however spin decay does occur. Our research shows the average wedge will start to show spin decay after 60-70 rounds of golf. For the Average weekend golfer, this is about 12 to 14 months of normal use. This can result in shots taking longer to stop on the green resulting in longer putts and higher scores.

Player BenefitsPrecise distance and trajectory control with exceptional feel from progressive Center of Gravity (CG) location.Enhanced shot versatility to fit your swing type and course conditions courtesy of Bob's tour proven grinds.More spin from 100% inspected TX4 grooves with new parallel face texture producing a sharper, more consistent groove edge.Advanced personalization with an industry leading selection of custom options. Progressive center …

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