Event Net

Event Net is up and running and for those of you who have used it in the past, your log in is the same as last year. If you need help, you can use the password recovery feature. For new members, we will add you; your username is your first initial and last name and your password will be ‘Stow16’. Once in the system, you can then change your password to whatever you’d prefer.

We are begging to load the events into Event Net. There is a [Details] link where you can get specific information about the event.

To register, click on the name of the event and click the [Register] button. Please use the [Notes] field to include any special requests like preferred starting times, pairing requests, or questions for us to answer.
When you first arrive at the event-net page you will need to log in. Your user name will be your first initial and last name: JBlow and your password will be the same as last year. New users password will be ‘stowe16’; it is a good idea to change your password once you successfully accessed the site.

To change your password click on the "Update My User Profile" link.

Once registered, you can click on any of the events listed to get additional details, see who is registered, and sign up. Many of the events are team events which would allow you to choose other members or type in a guest’s name. If you select another member to be on your team their name will not be listed if someone else attempts to add them. There is a notes field you can use to make pairing request and or tee times.

If you have any questions call or stop in the golf shop for additional training.