Golf Tip

Seeing is believing.

To be a successful putter golfers have to be able to accomplish three things:
- Choose the line
- Choose the speed
- Execute a stroke that matches the choices above

Most players spend the bulk of their time practicing their "stroke" and forget, or never learn how, to practice choosing.  In the photo [below/right/left/above] I have spent time seeing the route I want my ball to follow into the hole.  I've started on the edge of the hole and then gone back to where I will put from.  It's sort of a time lapse in advance.  This process is how I practice making, reviewing, and ultimately committing to my choices (line, speed).

Once I have laid out my "plan" with the golf balls, and reviewed, and believe it, I replace the balls with ball markers and practice following the line I chose by executing speed and direction.  This makes my practice complete.

I suggest you try this drill and get in the habit of working on seeing the line you plan to follow when you execute your stroke.

Good luck and good golfing,
Ron Philo, Jr. - PGA