Forever the King


From Martin Hall in the recent edition of Golf Channel Academy Magazine:

One of the very first golf books I ever read was My Game and Yours by Arnold Palmer. I was maybe 11 or 12 and just getting into the game of golf, but I recall thumbing through the book like it was yesterday. In the book "The King" shares
several fundamental lessons that he learned from his father, "Deacon" Palmer, who also happened to be the head professional and green keeper at Latrobe (Pa.)
Country Club, and Arnold's first and only swing coach. of those lessons the three that still resonate with me today are:

1) Never change your grip
2) Keep your head still
3) Hit the ball hard

Arnold was just 8 years old when the man he called "Pap" put his hands around the shaft of a cut-down women's club and showed him the classic Vardon overlapping grip for the very first time. As the story goes, Deacon told him to never change his grip and Arnold didn't, not for one single day throughout a 50-plus year, Hall of Fame career that included 95 professional wins, 62 PGA Tour wins and seven major championships.