A Golf Channel Academy Tip from Ron Philo Sr: Posture

Effective posture in preparation for your full swing has many similarities with other sports. I like to think of posture as the readiness position, the preparation for movement. Golf swings have us moving in both directions in less than two seconds making this preparation significant. A stable base is a great place to start. A stable base will establish our ability to freely move both left and right and can be accomplished through our stance width.

A stance with minimal width may encourage a wobbly foundation. A stance with great width may reduce the ability to move from one side to the other during the transition from backswing to finish. Considering the above mentioned items experiment to find your most effective width.

Posture also includes a considerable bend forward from the hip joints. This bend forward should be enough to allow your arms to hang freely from your shoulders, making freedom of movement easier to accomplish and allow for a solid grip position. A very gentle, minimal knee bend should be added to create an explosive starting position. Finally, in an effort to allow one hand to attach to your club below the other without additional force or tension forcing your arm to extend, a side tilt of your spine is necessary.

Ron Philo Sr.